Start of Summer

I am sure you all have heard of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18. It starts with, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” I have a hard time understanding Shakespeare, but besides that point…here is my (unquote) Shall I tell thee of Mel’s summer days?! (unquote). 🙂

Wednesday was the first day of summer. Although the day was full of fatigue, a bloody ear and headache, work and a nap…it ended with sunshine, helping my mom pick greens from her garden and then watching Lord of the Rings: A Fellowship of the Ring (disk one). Pretty pleasant day indeed. 🙂

Yesterday started out early. I did not have to rush drinking my coffee, actually had time to put on all my makeup and leave on time for work. My mom surprised me by saying “hello” at work during the busiest hour. And when I got off work, we went to Pier 1 and found a cute little patio table that is decorated on the top with tiles of mosaic colors/patterns. Topped it off with grilled chicken and green peppers for dinner (delicious!!!). Not a bad summer day! But the best part of the day was seeing the new baby blue birds in the bird house. I stood on a chair and used a flashlight to peek inside. My mom thinks there are three baby birds, but I think I just saw the tiny head of one in the back. Talk about bed head!! 😉 The blue birds here are beautiful! The males are a vibrant color! I also enjoy seeing the Golden Finches too…but they are yellow. 😉

Speaking of trees, it is now time for our answer to the “What am I?” game I posted about a week ago. I know your eager minds must be anticipating the results (LOL)…so let’s give it up for Cynthia and Marilyn who answered correctly! [Applause] I asked, “What am I?” to this picture:

Answer: Aspen trees!!!

I love Aspen trees! They are tall, thin trees with bark like chalk. It gets your hands and clothes white if you lean up against it. But they are beautiful trees! Each has their own personality. We saw some funny ones in Creede. Thanks to my mom for the pictures. Mine did not turn out as detailed.

Four eyes (literally)

Sad cyclops.


A jolly fellow winking.

 Nature’s mascara

See what I mean? No two trees are alike. In the fall, Aspen trees turn a bright yellow. The mountains just light up! I feel this will be especially true of this year, because most of the pines are being destroyed by the beetles. We drove over Wolfe Creek Pass and most pine trees are dead. Sad. Here is a picture I took on a horse back ride my senior year of high school. Not bad for a film camera. 🙂

 See the yellow trees? Such a pretty sight!!! What is your favorite tree?


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10 responses to “Start of Summer

  1. Lois

    I don’t know if they are my favorite trees, but I love mamosa trees especially right now when they are in bloom. Their bloom is whispy and pink. The first mamosa tree I ever saw was in Dugspur. Grandma Torbet had one in the yard. AND one of the first pictures of Jim and I was taken under that tree in 1974!

    • mel

      Oh wow! I didn’t know what they looked like so I googled it. The blossoms are definitely unique, but cute. What a neat tree. 😀 I don’t think we have any around here that I know of. Guess I need to get down to VA 😉

  2. My favorite tree is a crate myrtle. I LOVE THEM! Also, I love Japanese maples. Oh!!! And I also like ginko trees. Fun!!! 🙂

    • mel

      HAHA. Sorry, that cracked me up! If it is your first time posting then I have to approve it. Now all your posts will work 🙂 Did we see some of those trees at the pavilion place in Columbus? I have a feeling we took a picture by one. 🙂 Although I do not think I have heard of a ginko tree. I will have to google 🙂

  3. (I just left a comment, but it didn’t go through… hmmmm… let me know if it didn’t work! 🙂 )

  4. I don’t think it worked… I will post it again! My favorite tree is Crate Myrtle! I love it! So pretty. I also love Japanese maples!!! And ginko trees!!! So cool. 🙂

  5. Sorry for all the comments, lol. I have posted on your site before (several times, I think!), so I don’t know why it needed approval. ANYWAY! I just found out on wikipedia that it’s “crape myrtle,” not crate myrtle. David always told me crate myrtle so that’s what I thought it was. Lots of other people must think that too, because when you search it on google, a whole lot of images and links still pop up. You can spell it “crepe myrtle” too. Weird!!! 🙂 You should do some research on ginko trees. They are really interesting!!!! 🙂 The leaves are so cool!!!!!

    • mel

      Well, trees must have different spellings. A. Lois told me about the mamosa tree, but google also popped up mimosa tree and they were the same. Strange.

      Maybe the crape tree is a French tree, since it is also spelled as crepe. You know like how they say crepe for the flat pancakes but you prounce them as crapes. 🙂 Just a thought!

  6. Oh, wow! I’m wrong on the spelling for that one too, lol!! It’s Gingko or Ginkgo, not ginko like I always thought. Weird! I am learning so much about spelling today, lol! 🙂

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