I love you, Mom!!!!

Yesterday, I tried painting outside.  I decided next time I might just stay inside. 🙂 While I enjoyed a whole afternoon outside with my family, I did not enjoy flies landing on my wet boards, my paint drying too fast as I was trying to paint, and finding a spider crawling on my shorts. I just so happened to be painting with red! I voiced my “Mel scream”–just a big AAHHHH!!!!–and hit my leg with my red paintbrush a few times. I don’t think I killed it (although my shorts and shirt say otherwise), but at least I got it off me! Yuck. I am no fan of spiders! 😛

Otherwise, I did a set of paintings that turned out pretty neat. At first, I was not liking the colors. Somehow they looked better in my mind when I was planning them, but when I put the beads on later, then it turned out really different!! I like it. The beads are not glued on yet, because I ran out of glue. When they are set on, you can make the paintings stand up; they are wooden boxes, not canvases.

 I painted the “o” with a sponge! 🙂

My mom has the gift to see the potential in things. Yesterday, it was a small painting I was trying to do for a friend. I came in the kitchen and said, “See,” with disgust. Mom looked at it and said, “Let me think of some different ideas.” 🙂 Moms are great for that. You hand them anything you make that is not worth the potential and they see beauty in it. We would make Mom bird houses out of milk cartons when we were little and she thought they were great.

Today is Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day to my grandmas! Thank you for your love and godly influence in my life. Happy 1st Mother’s Day to my dear friend–Auntie Mel can’t wait to meet Baby M!!!! 😀 And Happy Mother’s Day to my mom! You are my best friend! Thanks for listening to my thoughts, day of work stories, frustrations and tears, laughs, tacky jokes and questions. Thanks for spoiling Muffy, being with me at appointments, all the times you drove to Denver for chemo and to do fun things. The week we spent at the Hyatt (thank you Broncos!), which were the days before iPhones and GPS…all the wrong turns and one way streets. 🙂 Thank you for the encouraging notes, prayers and Bible verses that bring me hope on the days I have none. The list could go on. I love you so much, more than I could ever write on a blog post. XOXO

My first Mother’s Day

The first time Mom and I were together in Denver was in 5th grade. She was a chaperone for my class field trip to the Capitol and Nature & Science Museum. She bought me a necklace from the souvenir shop. I still have it. 🙂

Right after my surgery, December 2008, to place in my medi-port for the IV chemo treatments I had during that spring of 2009.

Right after a chemo session, 2010. We went to the Art Museum for the King Tut exhibit. Mom was pushing me in a wheel chair and I fell asleep. 🙂 Which was a bummer, because it was such a cool exhibit! Oh well. We hope to go the Pompeii exhibit in Cincinnati soon!

Most recent picture.


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5 responses to “I love you, Mom!!!!

  1. mel

    Well, it turned midnight right as I posted. I always seem to do that.

  2. what a cute baby you were! Love the bonnet 😉

    • mel

      Thank you! I wore bonnets a lot! Guess cause I burned easy, LOL. I also have very crossed eyes in the picture. I did not have my surgery until 11months old. My mom said she thinks I was very blurry and blind up until that point. Bad balance and stuff, because I could not see straight. After my surgery, I went outside and touched everything and laughed. 😀 Looking at baby pictures is fun though. I ended up spending the afternoon just looking at old pictures! 🙂

  3. Judy

    What a very special mama you have. I am sure you thank God for her every day.

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