Jungle Jim’s

Now, if you are like me…the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “Jungle gyms” is a playground. 🙂 In a different context: Yesterday my sister, her friend and I went to Cincinnati. To Jungle Jim’s!!!! It is a huge international grocery store! What a great time!!!

When you first walk in, you enter the olives and cheese section. It was actually my favorite section! Next time I go, I am going to dedicate more time trying samples of all these cheeses from around the world! Very cool!!!

Melissa…this is for you! 🙂

I thought this cheese section was neat, mostly because my first job was milking sheep. Yep…three summers in high school and that was my job! It was stinky, disgusting and a good time all together!

We decided to check out the restrooms. After all, they seemed world famous!



After that…you walk around and see just about everything! Different nuts, coffees and teas, fruits, veggies, candies, meats, shelf items…all these things from different cultures and areas of the world.

Above: Celery root.

I forgot to write this one down. Reminded me of the fish, Bloat, on Finding Nemo. 🙂

Red bananas and sugar cane.

I am not sure what these were either.

Dried squid.


I had a short visit back to Greece. 🙂

I bought the Swedish cookies. Delicious!

The Asian food section.

Wooden shoes in the Holland section. Then my camera battery died. 😦


We had a good time! If you plan a trip, reserve a few hours. There is so much to see! We did not even go out to the garden section where they had all sorts of different plants and flowers.  Next time I hope to see that as well.

While we were walking around, my mom text me and told me the results of my MRI scans for the brain and neck. They are stable!!!!! 😀 Another big praise!!! Thank you for your prayers!

Off to enjoy a beautiful evening!


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  1. A.B.

    Fun Mel! Love the pics…

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